Hello, my name is Ken Knapp, and I'm the owner of Sid Stills Photography, based out of the Denver, Colorado area. I love taking my photography and turning it into art, or at least my perception of art. One of my biggest interests right now is what I call "car art". I like to make pictures of not only complete cars, but also parts of cars: headlights, taillights, carburetors, hood ornaments, paint, or what ever catches my eye. Doing themes, or projects can be fun too, as in my garage gallery.These are pics I have done at local car builders: Attitude Hot Rods,  C-4 Hot Rods, Doug's Automotive, Precision Designs, Sharpy's, Top Hot Rods, and Zoomers. Even a couple shots of my own garage. Shooting city scapes is a favorite also, as can be scene in my Denver and Chicago shots. Check out the website and see what you think. I'd love to read your comments. E-mail me at, of like me on facebook. Prints are available on the website, or if your in the local area, contact me and I'll print some out for you. Thanks for looking!